Editing and compiling styles using Sass

Will Gates
Will Gates

When editing theme styles you can update the style.css file directly, either through Zendesk Guide or locally using your favourite code editor. Alternatively, you can work with the Sass source files directly, which requires that you re-compile the styles once you have made your changes.

Compiling Sass

Our themes all include a simple Ruby script for handling the Sass compilation step, which can be found in the bin/ folder. The script requires both Ruby and the sassc gem to be installed. Once you have installed Ruby by following these instructions, you can install the sassc gem using the shell command gem install sassc.

You can now compile your Sass files by running the command ./bin/compile.rb from your theme directory, which will take all the .scss files inside the scss/ folder and create the style.css file that is used by Zendesk Guide.

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