Displaying satisfaction ratings in the Help Center

Vera Yang
Vera Yang

You can display satisfaction ratings in your Help Center. This lets you show quick statistics based on your last 100 satisfaction ratings. The following data is shown:

  • Number of positive ratings
  • Number of negative ratings
  • Overall score (percentage of good ratings)

Satisfaction ratings

The numbers are based on your last 100 ratings, so it’s a sliding window that is recalculated every time you receive a rating. The appearance and wording is customizable.

You must have Guide Professional and Support Professional or Enterprise to display satisfaction ratings and score in your Help Center.

Getting the code for the ratings box

You add the ratings box by pasting a code snippet into the HTML of a page or template. You must be an admin to get the code.

  1. Click the Admin icon (Manage icon) in the sidebar, then select Customers.
  2. Click the Satisfaction tab.
  3. Make sure that Allow customers to rate tickets is selected and that you have at least 100 ratings. If you don’t have at least 100 ratings, you’ll see the following message. In that case you have to wait until you get more ratings to use the ratings box.

    Rating less than 100

  4. Select Allow me to display public satisfaction statistics.
  5. Click Save Tab.

    The page updates with more information, including statistics based on your last 100 customer satisfaction ratings.

  6. Under How do I use it, copy all the HTML code in the box. You’ll only see this HTML code if you if have 100 or more satisfaction ratings.

Adding the ratings box in the Help Center

Guide Managers can add the ratings box to articles or to the home page of the Help Center.

To add the ratings box to the home page of your Help Center

  1. In Guide, click the Customize design icon (Guide icon in the sidebar.
  2. Click the theme you want to edit to open it.
  3. Click Edit Code.

    Edit code

  4. In the Templates section, open the home page template.
  5. Paste the code for the ratings box in the template.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Preview to preview the effect of your changes on the page.

To add the ratings box to an article in the Help Center

  1. In Guide, click the Settings icon (Icon settings) in the sidebar.
  2. Ensure the Display Unsafe Content setting is enabled.

    In this case, you want to allow unsafe content like script tags.

  3. Back in the Help Center, navigate to the article where you want the ratings box to appear.
  4. Click Edit article.
  5. Switch to the HTML editor by clicking Source code button on the editor’s toolbar.
  6. Paste the code for the ratings box in the page and click Save.

The ratings box appears wherever you paste the code. If you want to customize the wording, the CSS, or place the box in a specific element on the page, see Customizing the ratings box below.

Customizing the ratings box

You can customize the satisfaction ratings box by changing the wording, changing the look, or setting where it appears on the page.

Customizing the wording

If you don’t like the default wording that appears under the three numbers in the ratings box, you can change it. In the ratings box code, look for the following values:

    strings: {
      goodRatings:      "Said good",
      badRatings:       "Weren't so sure",
      score:            "Overall happiness",
      zendeskPlug:      "Powered by <a href=\"http://www.zendesk.com/\">Zendesk</a>"

You can edit the values in quotes.

Customizing the look

The code you pasted into your HTML imports a CSS stylesheet:

@import url(https://support.zendesk.com/stylesheets/public_satisfaction.css);

If you want to customize the look of the ratings box, you an add your own CSS to the page where you put the ratings box, overwriting the CSS defined in the Zendesk stylesheet.

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